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Oct 31, 2013 5:00pm EDT
, those who don't enroll will face a tax penalty of $95. >>> halloween celebrations are under way, including at the national aquarium in baltimore. and what better way to celebrate than carving pumpkins, under water, with 20 black tip reeve shark circling. the daring dave's name is emily anderson. and she is carving a shark design into that pumpkin. of course, the sharks insisted upon it. oh, my goodness. i think she just petted that shark as well. >>> baltimore county, certainly a spooky sight. this house is decked out for halloween. including plenty of ghouls, goblins. and i think we saw it there before. a huge spider. >>> taking a live look outside. we have nice and mild conditions outside. you do not have to wear your coat over your costume, which is always fantastic. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. and bob turk is updating our temperatures. we'll start with bob. >> you bet. it is a warm afternoon. and a warm night on top if you're heading out with the kids really not bad at all. so far, we're staying dry. take a look at radar. there's been a little activity,
Oct 29, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: the cargo going through the port, brings in $300 million in taxes, $3 billion in wages and nearly 15,000 jobs. an asset worth protecting. mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> this is the sixth straight year the port has received the highest rating. >>> the brother of actress mia farrow will spend the next 10 years in prison, on charges he sexually abused two children inside his anne arundel county home. john villers pharaoh of edgewood was indicted after two men accused him of sexually abusing them several year ago. the men were 9 and 8 years old at the time. he enteredda know -- entered an offered plea, and was sentenced to years. but some were suspended. >>> will get a much-needed facelift. the plan revamps the city docks, but it does come with some opposition. >> reporter: it's a maryland gem for locals locals and tourists that will soon see some big changes. >> what the man does is it provides a 20-year road map for the future. >> they planned among other things, widened the promenade. and gives the option of building a flood wall. something mayor josh cohen says preserves the
Nov 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
, land use development these are all going to be opportunity for the city to generate tax revenue some time down the road. >> reporter: a public meeting to review the environment safeguards are scheduled november 18th. now back to you. >> the epa has ordered more air samples. >> and the air out there pretty chilly. it is a pretty cold afternoon now very dry air. east winds at six. the barometer very high. come back and take a look at a warm up on the way right after this. ,,,, [ female announcer ] your eyes. they turn everyday moments into lasting memories. trust your eyes to pearle vision. your neighborhood eye care experts. schedule your eye exam today. pearle vision. caring for you and your eyes since 1961. >>> i'm meteorologist chelsea live with the weather lab. it's a chilly 42 degrees but we have a warm up on the way. for those details i will send it in to bob for the updated forecast. >> congratulations on dressing properly for these temperatures. >> thank you. >> gloves and a hat that's how you keep warm. pleasant temperatures on your body. right now 42 as she just mentioned.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3